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Jordi | 18 | England

INFJ, Ravenclaw, Erudite/Amity, House Tyrell. Damon Salvatore is dead and so am I. Books & animals are very important.

Founder of the Delena Shippers Club.

About the blog

Multifandom; main are The Vampire Diaries, Harry Potter & other books/shows. Full list of fandoms etc & what to expect here.

tutorial tag / PS questions / answered questions (general).


Opposition by Jennifer L Armentrout (final Lux book).

Orange is the New Black S1 and +more.
Obsessing over

Sydrian, OTH and The 100/Bellarke.
Working on

Hope Reborn (second novel)
Delena Rewatch Meme.
➢ Requests open for the minimalism meme!
➢ Taking general edit requests.


What's new?

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Mobile 80% of the time; Queue is on 24/7.

Currently mourning Allison Argent and Damon Salvatore :(


Stuff to do

♥ Become a part of my fandom family.
♥ Write on my world of text
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➢ Twitter: @eatsleepsmoldy
➢ Wattpad: crazykindagurl
➢ Other forms of contact e.g Skype etc can be found here.

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Other blogs

Blogs I own/founded

The Delena Shippers Club.
Candice Accola blog.
Adelaide Kane blog.
Blogs I'm an admin of

Grey's confession blog.
dailytvdgifs blog.
Flawless Beauty Queens blog.

❝ Fiction gives us a second chance that life denies us.❞ ~ have been.
Things I will never be over: Damon Salvatore, Ian Somerhalder, Delena, Nian & Delena sex.

Things I am SO over: 'Epic luv', the cure and this FUCKING SIRE BOND.

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